ExpoTV videopinions

iPod shuffle review on ExpoTV

ExpoTV is best described as Epinions in video form. Users submit video reviews of products and share tips with others. Creating a review can be as simple as demonstrating a product’s features in front of a webcam. I watched video reviews of an iPod shuffle, Proactiv acne solution, and Sharpie highlighters.

The company was founded by executives from the cable TV industry. ExpoTV content is available on-demand from Comcast, Adelphia, Charter, and a few other big cable companies. ExpoTV makes money by connecting viewers with a product purchase. Videos in certain categories receive an Amazon gift card of $10-$25 per submission and popular contributors have the chance to receive free products from manufacturers.

A clever new form of user-generated video content! Some of the contributions are obviously from aspiring actors and producers but that’s part of the fun.