Yahoo! unveils video sharing site, Finance redesign at analyst day

Yahoo! presented its business strategy to analysts yesterday and gave the world a sneak peek at what’s to come. A new advertising system is code complete and currently undergoing some testing and, if all goes well, will be rolled out later this year. Yahoo! plans to add advertising to it’s new “coming soon” video site. The webcast was not working for me this morning; all my notes below are based on the slide deck.

Yahoo! Video

Yahoo! Video

The new video site includes videos from around the web and a few from Yahoo! users as well. The top navigation bar references “My Studio” which could be a way for anyone to author and upload their own video files or maybe add some special effects. The new site supports personal favorites, tagging, and ratings of each video. The existing Yahoo! Video site does not include any user-submitted content or metadata.

Yahoo! Finance

New Yahoo! Finance design

Yahoo! also showed off a new Yahoo! Finance design coming later this month. Charts are now interactive, showing the trading price corresponding to trading activity on a given day. It’s now easy to overlay competitors or a benchmark index onto the graph for comparison. It looks like the only news correlation may be splits and dividends, but I’m only speculating based on a screenshot in a slide deck.

Yahoo! My Web

Yahoo MyWeb redesign

Yahoo! mentioned it has learned a few things from and is integrating its acquisition more closely with the redesigned Yahoo! My Web shown above. Bookmarks now have an interestingness sort and an easier way to add a link to your own bookmarks. Tags are now exposed for the entire community, brought front-and-center for easier browsing.