IE7 RSS adds mark all read, refresh at will

Internet Explorer 7 beta 3 is now available and includes some new feed reading features for users who like to browse their feed items in the browser. The new beta includes a refresh all option, mark all feed items read, and a few other final tweaks on the path to ship.

IE7 refresh all contextual

Sometimes it’s not fun to obey the machine and its update schedule. Advanced information hungry readers can now update all feeds at once, grabbing the latest content before disconnecting from the Internet or to be absolutely sure you’re caught up on all your feeds.

IE7 mark all readMark feed read preference

You can now mark a feed as read or unread as you navigate, and set the preference so it persists through all of your feed reading in IE7. All in the quest to help people unbold more content and get that unread count down to zero.

Both features might be considered advanced, designed for people who like to take control of the wheel and steer their reading experience. IE7 is now feature-complete for the feed reading experience but parsing and other issues will continue to be tweaked before final launch. The Internet Explorer team is collecting feedback here.