FeedBurner acquires Blogbeat

FeedBurner Blogbeat

Feed statistics and advertising company FeedBurner has acquired web page tracker Blogbeat for an undisclosed sum. Blogbeat is located in Raleigh-Durham, giving FeedBurner a presence on the east (web stats), center (hq), and west (bizdev) in the U.S..

Blogbeat tracks visitors to a web page using a JavaScript placed on each site page. FeedBurner is able to provide similar tracking through its FeedFlare service but had not yet built a front-end allowing publishers to view the data. The acquisition of Blogbeat will allow FeedBurner to offer publishers a more complete view of their site, posts, and subscriptions by tracking web page views, feed aggregator activity, and e-mail subscriptions, and monetization through one central interface if you let FeedBurner manage each feature.

Google has a good opportunity to strongly compete in the same space. If the company introduces feed subscription tracking and advertising it could have Measure Map, Google Analytics, Sitemaps, and AdSense accessible through one blog tracker. FeedBurner has a good headstart and a lot of expertise in their market to keep moving fast and staying ahead of the giants.

Paying Blogbeat members are getting their money back. FeedBurner plans to have initial integration of the new product by the end of the year.