Web 2.0 tag cloud laser etching

Fuck Yeah!

Mac geek Dan Lurie took his PowerBook to Squid Labs yesterday for a custom laser-etched cover. Dan designed a tag cloud full of Web 2.0 buzzwords for the world to see.

He’ll definitely have fun at the next Web geek gathering. I have a feeling most of the buzzwords will end up a historical blip like so many of the companies in the Monopoly .com edition I have at home.

If you’re coming to San Francisco for WWDC start designing your etched covers now! There are a few laser etching shops in the Bay area.

2 replies on “Web 2.0 tag cloud laser etching”

  1. That’s pretty hot. As an end-user, I think tag clouds have a great aesthetic appeal and might eventually be used to represent things that are infinitely more relevant than a swarm of buzzwords. Live speech-to-text-to-tag-cloud mapping of the novel content in a crowd’s conversations, for example, could prove to be something very exciting, especially if the crowd was engaged with the presentation. Live-action memetics – it’d be a hoot!

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