Netvibes 2.0

Netvibes pushed their latest release live tonight, unveiling new visual designs and a few new modules. Founder and CEO Tariq Krim refers to the release as Netvibes 2.0 on the official Netvibes blog. The new version of Netvibes features themes, video search, blog search, a MySpace module, and more.

New Netvibes themes

You can choose your favorite color backdrop ranging from gray to pink. It would be cool if I could set a theme by tab, such as making my soccer tab blue to match Chelsea but keep my other tabs green.

MySpace Netvibes module

The new MySpace integration allows you to track the latest information from a specific MySpace contact including their basic info, recent blog posts and comments, and listen to the music player embedded in their page.

A new featured blog search module module allows users to search Technorati, Feedster, IceRocket, and Bloglines by keyword. The new video module conducts a keyword search against Google, YouTube, and DailyMotion and view the resulting video directly within the module.

The release is a strong step forward for Netvibes and may attract interest from the younger demographics of YouTube and MySpace who frequently check on multiple friends and watch the latest clips from the Daily Show.