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Blogging company Six Apart has acquired online feed aggregator Rojo Networks. Rojo technologies will be integrated with the Vox blogging tool allowing users to browse updated content and create more blog posts. Rojo co-founder Kevin Burton confirmed the news on his blog this morning.

A press release from Six Apart names former Rojo CEO Chris Alden as executive vice president and general manager of Movable Type and former CTO Aaron Emigh as executive vice president and general manager of core technologies. Chris Alden is the fifth general manager of Movable Type in the last year. The press release is all about Chris and Aaron without much mention of Rojo technologies or feed syndication in general.

Rojo launched its online aggregator at the original Web 2.0 conference in 2004. Rojo currently includes tagging, Ajax, and Digg-like functionality for every post. You can browse your friends’ feed subscriptions or search the full content of all feeds in the Rojo database.

The acquisition gives Six Apart both a feed reader and feed search engine. Rojo will help generate more pageviews, allowing Six Apart to further leverage its newly created advertising network covering LiveJournal Plus accounts and Vox. Six Apart may bundle the Rojo service with its licensed personal blogging service currently powered by TypePad. Six Apart currently licenses TypePad software to companies around the world such as Le Monde in France and Nifty in Japan. Rojo’s software could be bundled into these licensing deals or command a higher licensing value for Vox when it is launched and ready for redistribution.

Rojo is written in Java, a departure from Six Apart’s preferred code base of Perl. The site does use LiveJournal’s memcache caching system.

Expect Six Apart to keep acquiring small companies as former-VC Andrew Anker enjoys that sort of thing and consistent cash flows from subscription services give the company good leverage.