Podcast: Social media trends with Charlene Li

Social computing has changed the way we interact with the Web. Our information consumption and production benefits from the participation of the crowd in its various forms, creating niche audiences and new types of curators independent of space and time. We’re connected to local experts on hiking, cooking, parenting, programming, and much more. Yet social media extends beyond the realm of content creators, bolstered by the comments, ratings, rankings, sharing, and reading masses that help us find the content we seek.

Forrester Research released a report last week, Social Technographics, detailing levels of social media participation among 10,000 adults and youth. Their sample panel provides new insights and statistics into how users are currently engaging in social media activities, and the motivations which might drive such participation.

Last Friday I sat down with Forrester Research analyst Charlene Li to discuss her report’s findings and its implication for business on the Web. You can read more about the topics of our social media trends and engagement discussion on my podcast site, and view select results from the research report. Our podcast on social media trends is 20 minutes in length, a 9 MB download.

Tip: The full Social Technographics research report costs $279 and is available as a downloadable PDF. The accompanying free PowerPoint slide deck contains key statistics and other summary data you might find useful while keeping your wallet in your pocket.