Talking Linux IP with Bill Gates

If you could ask Bill Gates one question, what would you ask? I spent an hour today with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on the company’s Redmond campus. I chose to ask Bill about Microsoft’s intellectual property stance against Linux and its open source developers, from the SCO Group’s litigation against IBM to Steve Ballmer’s recent claim Linux infringes on Microsoft patents after signing a patent indemnity with Novell. Bill Gates claimed he had never heard of BayStar Capital, an investor in SCO Group and their litigation against large corporate supporters of Linux. According to recent court documents BayStar founder and…

LinuxCare rises again

A poster child of the dot-com boom, LinuxCare has rebranded itself “Levanta,” raised another round of capital. BusinessWeek profiles the company though it’s rise and fall and attempt to rise again and I found the details rather amusing. Levanta sounds a lot like erectile disfunction drug Levitra but it’s possible the company may be able to get their finances up again. Renaming the company seems like an attempt to hide from its past, which BusinessWeek covers in detail. Some highlights from the company’s history. Raised over $70 million in venture capital, including big names such as Kleiner Perkins Caufield &…

MythTV 0.17 now available

MythTV 0.17 is now available. MythTV is an open-source home media center platform using Linux, MySQL, and other goodies. The new release boasts FireWire capture and increased support for Mac OS X and HDTV among other features….

Public Patent Foundation: Linux potentially infringes 283 patents

The Public Patent Foundation has found that version 2.4 and 2.6 of the Linux kernel potentially violate 283 not yet court-validated patents. 98 of the patents are owned by Linux allies such as Cisco, HP, IBM, Intel, Novell, Oracle, Red Hat, and Sony. IBM holds 60 patents, HP holds 20 patents and Intel holds 11 patents. The kernel potentially violates 27 Microsoft patents. Open Source Risk Management has a PDF press release on the Public Patent Foundation’s findings….