NPR on wireless networks at the ballpark

John McChesney of NPR recently visited SBC Park in San Francisco and reported on the use of wireless networks as an emerging trend in public space. The San Francisco Giants have covered the ballpark in WiFi using 123 wireless hotpots. Fans can access special on-site features such as individual pitch placement and player statistics. Office workers can attend day games and still answer e-mails as if they were sitting at the office. He also conducted a test of wireless security and approached a laptop user after he had placed a purchase online….

Spider-Man 2 in baseball stadiums

Webbed logos of the upcoming film “Spider-Man 2” will appear on bases and on-deck circles in 15 stadiums during interleague games June 11-13. Foam fingers and masks with the “Spider-Man 2” logo will be given away at some ballparks as well. First there were the Blogger and LiveJournal templates. Now they place their ads inside the baseball diamond….

St. Paul Saints professional baseball player for a day

The St. Paul Saints of the Northern League are auctioning the opportunity to be a professional baseball player for a day. “[T]he winning bidder will work out with the team and will be guaranteed an official plate appearance.” Bidding ends on May 3. Step out to the plate in front of 6,000 fans and take a few swings against the Sioux Falls Canaries….

Perks for pro athletes

Patrick Hruby of ESPN writes about the perks available to professional athletes. Barry Bonds, for example, lords over four lockers and a $3,000 black leather massage recliner in the San Francisco Giants’ clubhouse; his teammates enjoy single lockers and standard-issue folding chairs Barry’s locker room setup is a big deal here in San Francisco. While other players may receive perks such as a luxury box or a limo ride to every game, it is not as visible as locker room pampering. Stars such as MVP Jeff Kent had to look at Barry’s setup every day….

SBC Park covered in WiFi

San Francisco Giants’ SBC Park will become the first stadium with wireless Internet access, according to a press release yesterday. Fans receive free access for the 2004 season, but SBC plans to begin charging its standard $7.95 daily fee or $19.95 monthly fee starting in 2005, according to the San Jose Business Journal. The Giants, along with partners SBC and Nortel Networks have installed 121 802.11b Wi-Fi access points to provide continuous universal coverage to all concourses and seating areas. [A]ll ballpark suites will be equipped with HP computers, flat-panel displays and wireless accessories that provide internet access coupled with…

Alex Rodriguez a Yankee?

Newsday reports that the New York Yankees and the Texas Rangers are finalizing a trade of Alex Rodriguez for Alfonso Soriano and a minor league pitcher. Yankees would pay $112 million of Rodriguez’s remaining salary, the Rangers would pay $40 million. Alex Rodriguez would play third base….