Grokker visualizes Yahoo! Search using Java applet

Groxis, a data visualization company, converted its Grokker desktop software to a Java applet and is demonstrating the ability of its software using Yahoo! search results and advertisements. I tested it out with an ego search of course. I am able to see generalizations of how Yahoo! search users might view me based on the size of circles. You can adjust the starting date and number of search results through the tools on the bottom of your screen. Overall a very clever way to show off what Grokker’s technology can do for other data sets.Technorati Tags: grokker…

TiVo Home Media Engine SDK

TiVo released a Java SDK for their broadband-connected Series2 DVRs. There is already a RSS reader for the TiVo. James Gosling will judge your Java code in the TiVo Developer Challenge with prizes such as a Segway and other gadgets…. moves to Movable Type is a Sun Microsystems site serving as a common area for conversations and development projects related to Java technology. As of last Monday the site is now powered by Movable Type. Movable Type provides the features weblog authors were requesting such as XML-RPC….

J2SE 5.0 launch on Thursday

Sun is throwing a launch party for J2SE 5.0 this Thursday at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. I plan on being there to talk Java with lots of interesting people. I have never been to the Computer History Museum but I have been meaning to check it out. If you are wondering when J2SE 5.0 will finally be released, the answer seems to be Thursday. I have been using some of the new features of J2SE 5.0 for the past few months. Generics, autoboxing, enhanced for loop (think foreach) and many more new features available….

Java powered BMW

The current Business Week features a special report on automotive technology. Jim Kerstetter writes about the new automotive software capable of updates and upgrades such as Siemens VDO Automotive’s Top Level Architecture based on Java. BMW can continually write updates and add-ons that work together without testing, thanks to the underlying Java. Every time a car owner visits a BMW dealer, new software, like a new navigation system, can be added. Partners that know how to program in Java could also write software to run on iDrive. A rental-car company, for example, could automatically send information such as updated mileage…

Lots happening for eBay developers

eBay has some new Java and SOAP APIs and is not afraid to let the world know. Jeffrey McManus has an article on MSDN on creating an eBay search application using VB .NET and the eBay SDK for Windows. On April 20 Jeffrey will show the Bay.NET user’s group how to create eBay applications using .NET. The meeting takes place at Microsoft’s San Francisco office….

IBM attempts to patent code separation

IBM filed a patent application last week for a “method and apparatus for conducting business via the worldwide Web in which business programming is isolated from Web user interface programming.” Can JSP + Java Beans + J2EE backend really be patented? Guess we will have to wait and see….