Weblogging about work

I received an e-mail this morning from an executive from my company asking I remove all references to my current employer (Callan) from my Web site. Thanks to Lawrence Lessig, Wendy Seltzer, and Robert Scoble I am already aware of some of the issues at play with branding and trademarks. Someone came across my blog by doing a Google search on Callan. I assume it was someone inside the company because this was passed along to Callan’s legal representation (Cooley Godward LLP) and then I was contacted. The first mention of my Web site within search results for Callan Associates points to my résumé. I rarely mention my company in this space and when I do it is related to personal experience and does not communicate any non-public information. Standard stuff. Has anyone else had similar experiences and would like to chime in? Should I block my company’s IP addresses from accessing my site?


Commentary on "Weblogging about work":

  1. withheld on wrote:

    Blocking their IP address wouldn’t address their concerns; it would only add to their concerns that you might be doing something they don’t want you to. I’d definitely advise against that.

  2. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    I agree. IP banning is not the answer in this case.

    If anyone wanted to they could set up a scan of a RSS or Atom feed on Feedster or Technorati tripped by certain keywords. They could track chatter and have it pushed to them when tripped.

    Just as many organizations look for chatter about their products, the same tracking methods could be used for tracking employee weblogs for product codenames (doesn’t apply in my case but does in other tech businesses) or confidential clients.