Weblogging about work

I received an e-mail this morning from an executive from my company asking I remove all references to my current employer (Callan) from my Web site. Thanks to Lawrence Lessig, Wendy Seltzer, and Robert Scoble I am already aware of some of the issues at play with branding and trademarks. Someone came across my blog by doing a Google search on Callan. I assume it was someone inside the company because this was passed along to Callan’s legal representation (Cooley Godward LLP) and then I was contacted. The first mention of my Web site within search results for Callan Associates points to my résumé. I rarely mention my company in this space and when I do it is related to personal experience and does not communicate any non-public information. Standard stuff. Has anyone else had similar experiences and would like to chime in? Should I block my company’s IP addresses from accessing my site?