Tag Tuesday tomorrow at Gordon Biersch in San Francisco

Technorati and Flickr are co-hosting a gathering of tag implementors and other interesting people tomorrow evening at 6:30 p.m. at Gordon Biersch in San Francisco. We are calling the event Tag Tuesday and hope this will be the first of many meetings about tags as a freeform organizational tool.

Kevin Marks of Technorati and Stewart Butterfield of Flickr will each have small presentations followed by a discussion.

Technorati often receives questions from other organizations about the best way to implement tags within their blog, software, or project. I think the best way to learn is in-person and from people that have successfully implemented solutions, corrected failures, and are willing to tell their story so we all might learn some best practices.

I hope you can join us tomorrow evening to learn about how tagged content might benefit your communities.

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Commentary on "Tag Tuesday tomorrow at Gordon Biersch in San Francisco":

  1. kinrowan on wrote:

    Are you recording / podcasting this event? I suspect I’m not alone in being unable to attend but interested in the discussion….

    If not would you cnsider doing so in the future?


  2. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    It’s very difficult to worry about recording when you are the host, so I am going to focus on making the experience the best it can be for the people in the room. I am sure there will be accounts of the presentations blogged.

  3. Dave McClure on wrote:

    sounds awesome… hope to make it up for the pow-wow.