Google Toolbar button Movable Type template

Want to create your own Google Toolbar custom button? If you use Movable Type just copy and paste this template code into a new template ending with “xml“.

Users can view your Atom feed from the toolbar, search your blog from the Google search box, or select text on the web page and click your blog button to find out what you have written about that topic. Your icon will be the Movable Type wrench unless you change it.

Once you have generated the file, just add a special link to your blog to let your readers add your button to their Google Toolbar install. + [your file location]


Commentary on "Google Toolbar button Movable Type template":

  1. Julie on wrote:

    VERY cool feature!!! I added it to my blog.

    *NOTE* sixapart’s copy of your code has the wrong type of quotes in the XML declaration

    Easy fix, just retype the quotes :)

  2. Anil Dash on wrote:

    Thanks for the catch, Julie, it’s fixed now. :)

  3. Julie on wrote:

    Ooops, one more thing – the ampersands in the URL’s need to be changed to &

  4. ivanhawk on wrote:

    How do I change the image?

  5. Paul on wrote:

    Good question: how do you change the icon?

  6. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    You need to convert a Windows icon to base 64 ASCII. I used this site.

  7. Spurgeon56 on wrote:

    When I went to add the Google toolbar button feature after adding all the steps I received this error message when I clicked on the link.

    A semi colon character was expected. (line 7 column 83)

    Any suggestions?

    • lex2000 on wrote:

      Did you replace the ampersands in the URLs of the XML file with “&”, as described above? That took care of that error for me.

  8. Spurgeon56 on wrote:

    To: lex2000

    Thanks that did it.

  9. gondwanan on wrote:

    Pity it doesn’t work with Firefox … anyone know if there is any reason the Firefox toolbar won’t use this feature in the future?