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The Bluetooth SIG announced wireless transfer of contact, calendar, and notes information via what it’s calling TransSend. It implements the OBEX standard you may have used to “beam” someone your contact information in the past. You can send vCard, vCal, vNote, plain text, or image files from a PC to supporting handsets.

An ActiveX plugin for Internet Explorer lets users send content from a web page to their mobile phone. You can send driving directions, your contact info, or event data.

Sounds cool, but it looks like the plugin is relying on proprietary markup for recognition instead of using something like microformat markup. According to Phone Scoop not many U.S. have an open OBEX profile, further limiting the usefulness of the extra markup.

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  1. Cesar on wrote:

    Hi Niall,I’m developing a project trying to send data from my laptop to my cell phone and vice-versa. The laptop side is already done, but I’d like to know how could I send simple text from the cell phone to the laptop. Data I have to send from the laptop are webpages and then send simple text from the cell phone to the laptop. I’ve thought in sending from the laptop a modified webpage with a Java application being able to take data written on the webpage and sending it to the laptop. I hope you could have any idea if it’s possible…Thanx in advance.