Widgets Live! conference in San Francisco on November 6

The first ever conference dedicated to widgets, gadgets, and modules will take place on Monday, November 6, in San Francisco. The one-day conference will capture and summarize the emerging widget economy and allow developers, business leaders, and content producers to collaborate and better understand how they might participate in syndication at the edge of the network.

Widget endpoints

A small web loosely joined.

I am organizing a conference named Widgets Live! next month in partnership with Om Malik to capture the emerging webspace of widgets. There’s so much happening in the fast-moving widget space right now it’s a bit difficult to keep track of it all. Feed your Chia Pet on your desktop. Let your blog visitors play Hangman using popular words of the day. Consult your calendar from your homepage. Check the weather from your coffee maker. There is so much activity in the customizable web powered by widgets we felt it was time to bring together the major players for a one-day industry overview and tutorial. We hope you can join us.

Tickets are only $100 and available now. I’ll blog more details about what it’s like to plan a conference and the decisions made by organizers at a later date as everyone I’ve talked to so far has been intrigued at the behind-the-scenes operations of the industry, from $13 for a cup of coffee to the real reasons why conference WiFi is often horrible. The faster the conference sells out the more time I’ll have for those posts! ;)

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