I have over 15

I have over 15 gigabyes of music ripped onto my hard drive right now in either MP3 or WMA format.  All retail CDs, purchased legally, but now much more efficiently indexed.

Now the problem is having my music with me both at home and at work.  My current player holds only 64 megabytes : not even a full album at 192 Kbps.  I feel proud that my music collection can fit on only the high-end iPod 30 gigabyte model.  MP3.com’s old model of proving you owned the music and then enabling access to it anywhere makes sense to me.  Problem is still that my company’s T1 is constantly taxed and cannot even handle streaming audio. (Even if it did I had to promise our Systems department that I would only listen to local audio, no streaming)

XM Radio came out with a satellite radio for your computer today.  Too bad most of us do not have a window office with a clear view of Rock and Roll.  I have yet to hear anything regarding promised ground repeater stations.