Day 2 of Gnomedex and so far so good. Nelson Minar had a good speech on an overview of Google, but was nothing I did not know already. Learning more about AdSense was something new for me. Cost per click and past click relevancy are both used to determine page position. Nelson hopped on IRC for the rest of the day, but I couldn’t find him at the Meet the Speakers part of the day. Eric Sink was interesting, and reaffirmed that I want to take a look at C#. Rob Malda was great, and unscripted. Met the wife. They stayed for the Microsoft party but left after some really bad karaoke. Kyle Bennett is a nice guy and definitely knows his stuff. Worth showing up early for. Didn’t really enjoy the Microsoft speech. They showed off Halo for PC as well as Gotham Racing 2. Nothing all that new in either of them. Would have liked to see more detail about why my entire music collection should be in WMA instead of MP3 or AAC.