Spidering Hacks

I have been busy over the past week writing for a new O’Reilly book. Look for me in chapter 4 a to be released book named Spidering Hacks, part of the O’Reilly Hack Series.

Interestingly enough I was the only person to author to use Java. I have a feeling this is going to be a book full of a lot of Perl. There is only one Python example.

I wrote a hack that gathers data about Alexa toolbar users traffic to your Web property on a daily basis. Alexa collects subdomain information as well as property rankings, and I grabbed it all. The information is then saved to an RSS feed.

After speaking with Tim O’Reilly at Gnomedex I had a pretty good understanding of some of his frustrations with usage data. So I am hoping O’Reilly & Associates can use my code internally and also sell more books.

I wrote a total of 5 classes, which is too large to stick in the book. So the entire source code will be on the O’Reilly Web site for everyone to play with.