TypePad is expensive

I like TypePad, but wow it is expensive! $50 a year is about what I paid for Blogger Pro and BlogSpot. Blogger Pro is supposed to have a lot of new features and I am supposed to be lucky to have gotten in at the price I did. It has Google magic now as well. I like being able to edit the HTML of my template. This feature allows me to put in things like AIM Remote and Yahoo!’s button. To do the same I would have to use TypePad Pro and pay $150 a year. Domain mapping would be very good as I currently have a URL redirect on niallkennedy.com to my blog. Trackback is great because I always feel like no one is reading this. Tom Bridge is offering 20% off codes. $72 for a year. Tempting, but I already have my Blogger investment. Six Apart might have a good marketing campaign on its hands if it offers a competitive upgrade. I might try the trial plan tomorrow.