20 and 40 GB iPods

Today Apple released two new iPods. Press release here. I want one. I keep thinking that I should wait until a Windows version of iTunes ships, or until after the next MacWorld until I place my cash on the table. Last week I attended an event sponsored by Mercedes USA. At the event I got to experience Sirius satellite radio for the first time. I am not inspired to buy a satellite radio unit or a subscription because I feel my money and playlist would be better served by an iPod. I can grab NPR radio shows online and sync them to my iPod. I can also download lots from Audible.com. I also like Intel’s personal server vision. Most of what we relate to as our computer is really a hard drive configuration. We would like to keep our configuration the same and utilize whatever devices are available to us. The iPod is introducing the world to the idea of carrying 40 gigabytes worth of data in a shirt pocket. The personal server idea should catch on now that Apple has warmed up the crowd.