Chinese food and Pirillo party Saturday night

On Saturday night I had dinner with Dave Winer, Robert Scoble and his family, Jake Savin, Brad Neuberg, Don Park, Steve Gillmor, Phil Wolff, Cheyenne, Pat Delaney, Bryan Bell, and a few other names I cannot remember. If I left you out leave a comment and I will edit you in. Brad is working on some really cool JXTA project named Paper Airplane which he plans to release into beta this week. Steve Gillmor is a little too RSS crazy and would like to do away with all e-mail and instead turn to RSS. I argued that his gripes with e-mail are a result of largely unneeded features and if he really wanted security he could use Pine with no problems and have a lot of the RSS features without the security issues. Bryan and I discussed the applications of community based blogging versus everyone on their own. Userland is pretty open to new feature suggestions and implementations. After dinner we went over to Gretchen Pirillo‘s house cooling party. The Pirillo’s are leaving a pretty sweet apartment in the Castro behind to move down to Woodland Hills. I had heard that Gretchen is a good cook and the rumors are definitely true! They practice technology impartiality with both a Xbox and a GameCube, Palm and Pocket PC, Mac and Windows. Tantek brought some great magnets depicting Sprocket‘s well known habit.