Following around a Tablet PC user for a day

Scoble writes : “Maybe we should have a film crew follow a Tablet PC user around for a day.” An entire day would not be necessary. Just a typical meeting I think. Microsoft aims at the information worker and increasing productivity. It would be cool to define the purpose of the device in infomercial style. Have someone walk into a meeting with a 17″ PowerBook and someone with a Tablet PC. Both are very cool, but it is nice to compare functionality. The same method of questions you used to describe a sale at Best Buy could also apply here. The price difference needs to be thrown in early as well since people assume this tablet functionality adds a lot of cost to their purchase. Get corporations to earmark a Tablet for their laptops of choice and Microsoft and its OEMs are well on their way. The tablet can be sold as an intelligent note taking and free idea station, that also is a full blown computer when you choose to dock it. The first question people wonder about is whether the machine runs a full Windows OS or something like Windows CE. So where is the film crew? Even at Microsoft’s offices at One Market here in San Francisco the Tablet is bolted down for a limited experience.