Orkut launch party

Last night I attended the birthday party of Orkut Buyukkokten, which he cleverly double billed as an Orkut launch party so Google would pay for everyone. We were downstairs at suite one8one for most of the night. Interesting mix of people, including some Tribe.net crashers. The video projectors at the club were playing content licensed under Creative Commons. Suite one8one had no beer on tap and served me Guinness in a can: an act of sacrilege to an Irishman. This was my first social networks gathering. It was interesting to try to figure out how you may be connected through friends of friends to the person I was talking to. Some people had Hiptop devices and other geeky things and they introduced themselves and queried their network for me right away. The music was an interesting mix. I think I heard 50 Cent mixed into The Safety Dance.