Terry Gross interview on Salon.com

David Talbot of Salon.com interviewed Terry Gross about her 29 years hosting Fresh Air and her views on the journalistic process. She talks about the difficulties of interviewing Bill O’Reilly, Paul McCartney, and Sean Penn. It is interesting the work that goes into preparing each show such as reading a guest’s book and knowing the right way to work yourself into a subject area they might not want to spend too much time addressing. Terry Gross is currently new book, “All I Did Was Ask.”

I think of myself as being a member of the first generation of women who genuinely had a choice about whether to have children or not. And genuinely had a choice for two reasons — one, the reproductive technology, the Pill or the diaphragm or something, and two, a social climate in which you could make that choice and not be a pariah, someone we should all feel real sorry for, who could never be a part of the mainstream.