Maps, Microsoft Live, and Xbox 360

I recorded a new podcast tonight with Om Malik covering the big news in the technology industry over the past week. We focused on mapping technologies, mobile phone use, and Microsoft’s new online strategy. Om and I hope to continue covering the latest technology news each week. You can subscribe to my enclosures feed to always receive the latest episode of a yet unnamed series. The audio file of our discussion lasts for 19 minutes and 39 seconds and is a 9.1 MB download. I hope you enjoy. Please leave comment or ask questions directly on this post or contact…

Igor Jablokov interview on multimodal search

Last Monday night I sat down with Igor Jablokov, an IBM program director working on new methods of multimodal search using open standards, to do a podcast. Multimodal search adds voice commands to a visual display to allow easy access to a long list of commands and contextual information. The technology is currently used in web browsers, mobile phones, and automobile computing systems. I also recorded a presentation by Igor on mobile search at Mobile Monday in April. IBM is one of the contributors to the VoiceXML proposed standard. Opera and Motorola are also active contributors. IBM promotes a…

David Sifry Red Herring interview

Red Herring published an interview with David Sifry of Technorati. The questions are pretty hard hitting and you get more background on Dave than the typical Technorati mention, like what he remembers about his high school prom. Secret to success? Work your ass off. Q. As much as Technorati is popular today, the company’s position in the industry can be considered tenuous. Do you have an exit strategy? A. Watch this space. Q. Are you profitable? A. Not yet….

TechNet summit at Google

TechNet organized an innovation summit at Google’s Mountain View Campus yesterday. The tech elite such as Bill Joy, John Chambers, Eric Schmidt, Paul Otellini, John Doerr, Terry Semel, Carly Fiorna, and more. Michael Beazley of the San Jose Mercury News covered the event. Charlie Rose moderated the panels and The Charlie Rose Show will air four episodes this from the event, starting with John Doerr, Bill Joy, and Jeff Taylor tonight. Eric Schmidt said “the next killer device is clearly a personal one” and he favors a data iPod holding the world’s information….

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Mercury News interview

Matt Marshall of the San Jose Mercury News recently visited venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers to interview partners John Doerr, Brook Byers and Ray Lane. Companies stay in stealth mode longer to discourage clone ventures. Most companies come out of stealth with about 100 employees. People like joining stealth projects, and companies already know who they want for their first 100 employees. Brook Byers: Network was a thing of the 1990s. I don’t know what it is now. John Doerr : It’s the blog….

Terry Gross interview on

David Talbot of interviewed Terry Gross about her 29 years hosting Fresh Air and her views on the journalistic process. She talks about the difficulties of interviewing Bill O’Reilly, Paul McCartney, and Sean Penn. It is interesting the work that goes into preparing each show such as reading a guest’s book and knowing the right way to work yourself into a subject area they might not want to spend too much time addressing. Terry Gross is currently new book, “All I Did Was Ask.” I think of myself as being a member of the first generation of women who…

John Battelle interviews Tony Scott, CTO of GM

John Battelle interviewed Tony Scott, CTO of GM, in the July 2004 issue of Business 2.0. When you go to a gas station now, you can stick the nozzle into the gas tank and it works. But in the early days of the auto industry, there were 2,000 car companies, nothing was standardized, and demand far exceeded supply. In that early era, you could do whatever you wanted. The tech industry has by and large been in that same mode. But that’s now changing. Today in the typical car, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a GM or a Honda (HMC),…

NPR’s On the Media interviews The Wonkette publisher Anna Marie Cox

Bob Garfield of NPR’s On the Media interviewed Anna Marie Cox, editor of Wonkette. I think that blogging, as a form of journalism, or as a form of writing doesn’t have a lot of rules yet, and it’s clear that it doesn’t need to try and, and hang, you know, the AP Libel Guide on a blog would be a mistake — to try and, like, apply your standard journalistic kind of ethical code seems too constrictive for what blogs are. There has to be something that you figure out maybe just on a day to day basis….

Walt Mossberg interviews Steve Jobs

Today’s Wall Street Journal has excerpts from last week’s Walt Mossberg interview of Steve Jobs onstage at D: All Things Digital. The article is available to subscribers only, so I will quote at length. [W]e’ve gone from pretty much zero a year ago to about 2% of the legally sold music in the U.S. That’s not a giant number, but if you look at it and say it’s been accomplished in a year and you look at the trajectory, it’s not inconceivable to see it breaking through 5% in the next 24 months as an example, maybe sooner. We got…