Mac OS X Innovators

Delicious Library

Delicious Library received first place in the Mac OS X Innovators contest announced today. I have seen the software for months, but I got to play around with the software in-person today, and hear about the product’s features from William Jon Shipley and Mike Matas.

I have been waiting for this type of software for a long time. I am the type of user to update things I own in my Amazon account, rate them, and even leave a small description if anyone is interested in my collection. Now I will have the same information on a local store, using the same graphics and information available on Amazon.

Delicious Library lets you catalog your books, movies, music and video games. It is fully integrated with Amazon, right down to one-click ordering and selling your used items. It is also integrated with IMDB for more information on artists, writers, and directors. You can track items you lend out to friends and keep track of all items in iCal if you would like to set a due date. It will cost $40 and it will be out on November 8. Delicious Monster not only makes money off each piece of software sold, they also pick up affiliate fees for all your Amazon activity generated through the application.

One month out of the six months of development was spent on the bar code scanner software that works with iSight (FireWire video) recognition as well as wired and Bluetooth barcode scanners.

There is no support for tracking your iTunes albums in the music catalog and you cannot share your library as HTML but Will mentioned those are the two most requested features for a future release.

If you ever have to let users play with your product it is always nice to have a 30-inch Apple Cinema Display hooked up to a dual-processor G5.

I will probably buy the software the day it comes out and tinker with it to track my collections.