Seeking new employment

I am currently looking for a new full-time position in the tech industry. My current employer, Callan Associates, has threatened to fire me for having a weblog and making any reference to my work life. While I have yet to be fired my yearly review is now ten months overdue and I have been told not to expect any pay increase or job advancement. There are so many interesting services in the tech sector right now I would love to work on. I realize that I am not aware of all of the companies currently seeking new talent and I would like to tap the resources of my readers and the weblog community to discover new and exciting opportunities.

What Motivates Me

I am motivated by the promise of leveraging technology to solve the world’s problems and connect people to the information they desire. My ideal company would have compelling technology to interconnect users and their data through a service as dependable and easy to use as making a phone call; You seek out the service, engage it, and it works without your knowledge of the technical prowess necessary to connect point A to point B. I am motivated by financial incentives as well as the opportunity for recognition within a company or the broader technology industry.

Ideal position and company

My ideal position is a product manager with a small to medium-sized company in the technology sector located in the San Francisco Bay Area. I would gather design requirements, make a business case for a change, and implement. Business smarts while carrying a coder’s toolbox.

My ideal company values employees and their creative spirits. I would be encouraged to publish, attend industry events, and become an authority in my field even if it is on my own dime. I need to have good feedback from a team of peers or management to help drive my performance. I am fully capable of working independently but I also look for feedback to ensure my work is meeting the objectives of the comapny and its clients.

What I Can Do

I have worked with large databases gathering, extracting, and normalizing data. I enjoy making ideas come to life through the use of computer programming. My three strongest languages are Java, PHP, and Python but I am not afraid to try a new modern language. I have developed pattern recognition systems, notification services, business portals, reporting tools, and attribution searches. I am good at picking one of the many ideas running through my head and implementing what I think has the most promise. I am an effective manager of people and time and prove myself weekly in the office as well as on the soccer field.

I am a citizen of the United States and Ireland.

Sectors of Interest

  • The search sector is very interesting to me. Lots of puzzles to solve and opportunities to connect people with the content they care about.
  • Personal publishing is taking off and I would love to introduce more users to the technology. The industry needs to do a better job of communicating what it offers and why different classes of users would like to participate.

More information

I currently have two versions of my relevant work history online: a standard résumé as well as a story-based job history. Please contact me if you have a position of interest, would like to suggest a company I should look into, or if you would like more information regarding my history. This post is my first attempt at a job hunt through the weblog community and should at the very least be an interesting experiment.