Outsourcing front line

On Monday I started my new job at NexTag, a comparison shopping site in San Mateo. NexTag has offices in the U.S. and India, with over 30 software developers in Gurgaon (near New Delhi) in India. In some cases NexTag will hire employees locally, train them, and relocate the employees to India to lead a team in Gurgaon.

How does the existence of a software center halfway around the world change your daily work load? You definitely need to reevaluate your time and spend a lot more time on clear specifications instead of building the application yourself. Once you develop the specifications you need to present them over a videoconference network to a development team in India, and hope it all makes sense.

Something different to get used to for sure. Is this the future of software development? I have yet to look at the quality of the Java code, but I am sure there are many software products we are familiar with and have no idea where the implementation took place.