Personalized search meets the job market

I am meeting more and more people dissatisfied with their jobs. The top gripe is not job function, but management environment. Are you encouraged to learn new things? Attend conferences? Do you feel like you make a measurable difference?

All interesting things to think about heading in to 2005 from the perspective of the employee as well as the employer. Companies are too busy to post articulate job listings and interview candidates. Most of the good job candidates are passive seekers since they cannot send an explicit signal that might get them fired or make life uncomfortable in their current job.

So I am trying to think off better solutions. I like to connect people with solutions and there are good companies looking for people and good people looking for companies. I am thinking about collecting and highlighting geek job openings in the Bay Area from companies I think are cool. I could broadcast to a new jobs weblog or narrowcast to people I think might be interested in the company and its job opening. I am not interested in doing this for referral fees, it’s just good karma.

Sound interesting?

If you are hiring for technical or product management positions in the San Francisco Bay area contact me with a brief description of what need you are trying to fill, the level of the position, and a contact person.

If you are looking for a position I will try to point you in the right direction. Let me know what are the essential elements of your ideal job function and work environment and I might be able to direct you towards a possible match.