More questions answered

I have been following the conversation around the blogosphere over the last two days regarding my Flickr post and subsequent weblog posts. Some common questions exist and I would like to address just a few of those questions here.

My previous post was consciously one thousand words to make a subtle artistic statement during my clarification and apology: a picture is worth a thousand words.

Questions and Answers

Was the work created on your own time, on your own hardware, and uploaded to your own personal web server?
Yes. I created and uploaded the image Friday night at home with my own personal computer.
I really want to see the original poster. Can I have a copy?
My original thought was to remove the work if one of the organizations depicted had issue with the use of their marks. One of the five organizations took issue with the use of their marks and I therefore removed the image from Flickr. This action was consistent with my original thought outside of the influence of Technorati. Technorati acted as a connector in this sense, alerting me to the concern of the pictured organization. I would have preferred the organization contacted me directly, especially given our shared history, but oh well.
Why did you take down the post on your weblog?
I wanted the whole thing to be over. I tried to return a HTTP response of 410 (Gone) but the Apache configuration on my host fails to comply. As I mentioned in my last post, I plan to return to the original subject of personal weblogs created by employees of corporations in a few days once my stress level is decreased and I get some sleep.

Do you have any questions I have not answered above? Leave a comment or contact me privately to continue the conversation.