Announcing hReview

Last week Tantek Çelik and I put out a Call For Implementor Participation in the design and implementation of a reviews microformat, and received an strong response implementor community. We have been analyzing existing review formats, brainstorming, discussing, writing, editing, and iterating furiously since and have the following to show for it.

We are pleased to announce the first public draft (v0.1) of hReview, jointly co-authored by representatives from America Online, CommerceNet Labs, Microsoft, Six Apart, Technorati, and Yahoo!. hReview is an open microformat standard for publishing and indexing distributed reviews on the Web. This standard enables users to contribute, identify, and aggregate review content on their own web sites and weblogs as well as on community sites.

We believe the best way to create an open format for describing content is to involve the community in the creation and implementation of these tools. We decided the first version of hReview should have a version number of 0.1 following the tradition of other recent emergingstandards. In order to encourage an environment of community participation and collaboration we have chosen to publish hReview, along with the other microformats, in a collaborative wiki environment.

Want to get involved? Great! Check out the hReview specification, take a look at the examples, and build your own implementations for your favorite publishing tools and sites. Feel free to leave feeback on the hReview feedback to assist with future versions and implementations.

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