Intelliseek blogging white paper

Intelliseek and Edelman partnered to create a white paper on weblogs. The white paper, available as a PDF file, is targeted at marketers yet provides a good overview of the world of weblogs to any business professional.

Topics covered

  1. Introduction to weblogs
  2. The impact of weblogs
  3. Quotes about weblogs
  4. What makes a good weblog?
  5. The Edelman & Intelliseek Trust MEdia Blog Directory
  6. How to contact a blogger
  7. Do’s and don’ts of blogging
  8. Blogging glossary

The blog directory lists top weblogs based on traffic and influence in consumer technology, health care, marketing and advertising, and public relations.

I do not agree with the paper’s statement about A-list bloggers such as Glenn Reynolds having typically a low posting volume: Instapundit has 20 postings today as I write this post. I also disagree with the suggestion that weblogs must only be short posts. I do not want to see a short post about a car engine or all the great new features of my favorite software product. I subscribe to the partial marketing weblogs for the inside scoop, and the inside scoop is often lengthy, as Microsoft OneNote product manager Chris Pratley and Fog Creek Software founder Joel Spolsky have shown so well.

Overall an interesting white paper, and if you are interested in how corporations perceive weblogs today or in the future it is definitely worth checking out.