Porsche to introduce hybrids in 2008

Porsche is planning to introduce a hybrid powertrain in its Cayenne sports utility vehicle in the 2008 model year. Combined with the new Cayman it’s obvious Porsche is trying to decrease performance and aim for the lower end of the performance car market.

Porsche sales are currently divided almost equally between its Boxster, Cayenne, and 911 product lines.

In my mind the 911 is the only true Porsche and I am definitely alone in this opinion. A Boxster is for someone who can not afford a real Porsche and the Cayenne is for someone that wants to feel sporty while driving a SUV (the two don’t mix). Yes, I know I am a bit of a purist, but I hate to see Porsche diluting their brand.

One reply on “Porsche to introduce hybrids in 2008”

  1. Some would say that since the boxster, as a mid-engine car, is more of “true” sports car in the technical sense than the 911 – and the 911’s performance isn’t much better until you get into the $100K+ range, at which point there are better sports cars for the money. Though if you’re more interested in fashion or displays of wealth, the 911 certainly has place in the pop culture imagination.

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