KRON hosting bloggers at TV studios

I received an invitation from KRON-TV, a local San Francisco Bay Area news station, to attend a blogger gathering on June 11 at their television studio in San Francisco. From the open invitation:

We recognize the significance of the personal media revolution, and we want to listen to what you’re saying. We think this is a good way to start.

Sounds great! KRON is a local TV channel that was approached by NBC a few years ago but did not sell. They are still alive and kicking with local programming from parades or the back roads of local parks. The event is open to any bloggers interested in attending.

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  1. We’re delighted you’re going to to attend the event… and very happy you’ve included the invitation on your blog. We want to listen to you and learn from you about the best way we can be a part of the citizen’s media movement in the Bay Area. Together we hope to create great content both for blog readers and television viewers.

    We’ll have more details soon on

    Brian Shields
    Online News Manager

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