Quotes from the D: All Things Digital conference

The Wall Street Journal published some good quotes from this week’s sessions at the D conference in Carlsbad.

  • Mena Trott of Six Apart has a new self-described title of “chief egotist.”
  • Anna Marie Cox of Wonkette mentioned that people at the top will get commercialized but “there is always someone in the garage.”
  • Donald Graham of The Washington Post described the self-publishing nature of the blogging world as “one person who’s Ben Franklin and 100,000 people who think they’re Ben Franklin.”
  • Peter Kahn of Dow Jones thinks publishers in general have underpriced their products. “I don’t think we were particularly visionary – I think we were rather traditional” by charging for the Wall Street Journal’s Online Journal.
  • Scott McNealy said employees at Sun are not allowed “to connect Windows to our network for security and viruses reasons. … For another $2.4 billion maybe I won’t say that.”

Mitch Kapor beat Bill Gates in a technology trivia contest.

Microsoft should release the video of Bill Gates and Napoleon Dynamite. It sounds hilarious but probably lost on a room full of executives.

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