Mozilla Foundation looking for product managers

Yesterday Joi introduced me to Mitchell Baker, President of Mozilla. We talked about the Mozilla community, gathering feedback, and planning new products that build upon or extend existing features.

Mozilla’s two main products are and , used by millions to interface with the Web, e-mail, and RSS. Sunbird currently a community project but not a Mozilla product.

The Mozilla Foundation has been very successful gathering the technical talent it needs to develop its open-source software. It is currently in need of good product managers to identify critical features and keep everyone on track to release a competitive and innovative product. The foundation has the money to hire people full-time to work in Mountain View if you are interested.

Looking at their careers page I can understand why they may not receive many qualified leads. The text is generic and so are the positions. I would like to see a product focus with each job posting so an applicant knows what he or she is getting into. Specifics also communicate the position is active and will fulfill a stated need.

If you are a product manager interested in web software and changing the world it’s tough to beat Mozilla. Check them out. Extra perks include making Steve Ballmer dance a little harder to try and excite developers.

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