More TypePad 2.0 details

Six Apart just unveiled “Project Comet” a codename for a new approach to weblogs throughout Six Apart blogging tools as an online activity hub incorporating multiple media types, multiple authors, multiple readerships, and a lower technical and psychological barrier to entry. The new technologies will be available in early 2006 as a free upgrade.

Mena describes the new approach as a result of observing the variety of users across Six Apart properties and thinking of ways to increase the user base across all tools.

We’ve taken the stuff we’ve learned from the community features of LiveJournal and mixed them with the publishing features of Movable Type and TypePad. And we’ve made it extremely media-rich. Adding photos, audio, books and music reviews.

Some authors like blogs that build themselves through feeds from other sources with less pressure to create original content. It’s not too useful to me but I understand why Six Apart is building such a feature for new users. I expect Six Apart to promote TypePad as a great place for a group or community blog once early 2006 comes around.

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