TypePad 2.0 and new pricing announced

Six Apart demonstrated TypePad 2.0 at the DEMOfall conference yesterday and announced new discounted pricing. Mena Trott’s mom won the coveted DEMOgod award for showing that TypePad 2.0 is so easy even your mother can do it.

TypePad 2.0 is a “significant re-engineering” of TypePad. You can now apply multiple group privacy settings to a single blog to allow various visitors to see only the posts intended for their group. TypePad is also supposed to have increased media abilities, but I have not seen the product or any detailed reviews.

TypePad also lowered its yearly subscription prices across all three pricing tiers. Annual subscriptions now range from $39 for the Basic level to $99 for a Pro level account. $3.25 a month at the basic level is not too bad at all and it places TypePad at the price of a latte.