Kanoodle cookie bounty

Advertising network Kanoodle will now pay webmasters for planting a cookie on a visitor’s computer without ever showing an advertisement. Sites placing a cookie classifying a user’s browsing habits into one of 7,500 contextual ad categories. Publishers in the program will be paid 5% of the revenue earned when an advertisement served on the Kanoodle network is triggered by a cookie generated on the publisher’s site.

Kanoodle advertisements are an integrated option for TypePad Pro users. Bloggers could profit from distributing cookies on their own personal weblogs for later monetization on a TypePad Pro site with advertising or other blogs using Kanoodle’s advertisements.

I am not a fan of third party cookies and block all cookies that are not served from the site I am currently browsing. Most users won’t even know the extra cookie has been added to their system and with no screen real estate lost I expect many publishers may experiment with this new cookie bounty.

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