Seeking new horizons

I am leaving Technorati to pursue new opportunities. I submitted my resignation letter this morning and I will be a free agent on March 1. I joined Technorati in February 2005 excited about changing the world of weblogs and introducing people to a new kind of search. Almost a year later my passions at work have eroded and it’s time to find new horizons. Valentines Day is the perfect time to rekindle lost flames.

Technorati Alexa numbers over 2 years

The company has accomplished a lot in the past year, emerging from what many people viewed as a commodity space into a market leader. The Alexa graph above shows a steady growth trend since I joined a little over a year ago. According to Hitwise Technorati had about 60% more unique visitors in December than Google Blog Search.

I had the chance to lead two anti-spam summits and bring together industry heavyweights that had never before met face-to-face. Bloggers are now featured alongside news stories in The Washington Post, Newsweek, and Dateline NBC. It’s a lot easier to find content of interest on Technorati thanks to a site overhaul and redesign and new features such as Blog Finder to help pinpoint your personal topics of interest. The blogosphere and search has changed a lot over the past year and taken its place as a viable publishing medium.

So what’s next? I remain excited about blogs, user generated content, feeds (RSS, Atom, etc.), search, and other emerging technologies that allow individuals to find and create the things they care about. I am open to new full-time employment and consulting work to apply my passions to new products. Check out my resume in HTML or in Atom podcast format for more information about my work history. Contact me to talk shop, brainstorm, and possibly work together.

I’ll be busy working on new projects to make my favorite Web technologies accessible to more people more often. I have a few consulting gigs lined up, a few ideas that may turn into startups, and I’m also talking to a few companies about how we might work together. Stay tuned for more interesting things in the weeks ahead. I plan to attend ETech next month to talk about some of the more interesting things I’ve been working on. I’m excited about the future and new possibilities over the next horizon.

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  1. During my first week at Feedster, I attended a Technorati party at the Chevy’s down the street from Feedster World Headquarters. Niall greeted me warmly, and I even managed to win a Technorati T-Shirt! Since then, I’ve run into Niall at conferences like BlogON and have found him to be smart, delightful, and most importantly a tremendous advocate for the blogosphere and our industry. Feedster has benefited dramatically from Niall’s hard work, and I have learned a lot from his blog and his podcasts.

    I count myself among what I am sure are many people who don’t know Niall well personally, but feel we know him through his writing and his tireless work on all of our behalf. I give him much of the credit for the immense success that Technorati has had to date in gaining mindshare in and out of the blogosphere.

    Niall, I wish you the very best in your next venture. You are immensely talented, and you will be an asset to any organization fortunate enough to bring you onboard.

  2. Best of luck to you- I’m positive you’ll have a wealth of interesting offers very soon. Please keep in touch and I’ll do the same.

  3. I met Niall at Syndicate Conference when we were doing an early preview of our products. Excellent feedback!

    Good Luck Niall. We will be in touch shortly!!


  4. Good luck Niall. You’ve been a great advocate for all the various causes you’ve pushed forward and have a knack for writing about technical topics in a way that’s easy to understand. Where ever you end up, I know you’ll do great things. Looking forward to catching up with you down at eTech.

  5. Good luck, Niall. What’s next? Conference organizer? Writer? CEO? I’m sure it will be something good. I remember when you announced your last job hunt on this blog.

  6. FECK. Now I wish we’d secured funding so we could hire you. Gah.

    All the best mate, I know somebody’ll snatch you up quickly. You’re one of the key reasons Technorati didn’t completely die during it’s awful season in 2005.

  7. Wow!

    Best of luck with the leap into the unknown Niall – as Fergus said, come on home to Ireland – specifically (the People’s Republic of) Cork – no better place!

  8. Nice move! I’ve been really impressed that you’ve continued to post to your blog on a good range of interesting tech topics / news throughout your time at Technorati, and I hope whatever you’re into next will support you doing even more of this.

  9. This is such an exciting time to be launching yourself into new endeavors. Whatever you end up doing, I am certain it will be interesting. Bill and I would like to wish you all the success in the world.

  10. Wow!

    Best of luck with the leap into the unknown Niall – as Fergus said, come on home to Ireland – specifically (the People’s Republic of) Cork – no better place!

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