Back from vacation

I spent the last week in Maui visiting a friend and having some rest and relaxation before I start at Microsoft on Monday. I spent my time scuba diving, hiking, eating BBQ, climbing volcanos, and watching movies and a few European soccer matches. It was a relaxing trip and a fun adventure but it’s good to be back in the Bay area and around familiar people and places.

I was impressed my the number of enterprising small businesses in Maui made possible by tourism. Individuals would set up a photo area with a few tropical birds and charge for postcards to send home. There were small shacks along the Hana highway selling flavored ice and bottled water right outside someone’s home. People led hikes or snorkel trips with nothing more than a map or a fishing boat and some snorkel gear, all tied into activity booking agents such as Expedia.

I took lots of photos. Some of my favorites:

If you sent me an e-mail and I was slow to respond it’s because I was out having fun.