MySpace upgrades to Flash 9

MySpace requires Flash 9

Mega social networking site MySpace now requires all members to upgrade their Flash players to version 9 in order to view new embedded content on the site. Flash Player 9 is only three weeks old, released by Adobe on June 28. The required upgrade adds new security restrictions for any new content embedded on the site utilizing the latest supported object properties.

When you add a new embedded object to your page MySpace automatically sets the allowNetworking property of the object to internal restricting external interfaces and links contained within outside Flash files. The new setting disables common calls such as clicking on a Flash widget to view the original site or data provider. It also restricts the use of JavaScript from outside providers.

How will the MySpace requirement drive adoption of the three-week-old Flash player? The new version has lots of new features including better multimedia support, so it would be a good thing if users had it right away and all the new video companies could plan even better features using the same bandwidth. Meanwhile MySpace widget producers will need to write their software using ActionScript 3.0 to make sure they can monetize their content within both the embed and the destination page.

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  1. Is MySpace the only site that uses the new Flash to screw with people? Or is Flash 9 the kind of program that screws with everybody in some deluded attempt at copy protection, like what the MPAA and RIAA are doing with DRM? Should I just download Flash 9 and then switch to some other social networking sites? I’ve been planning to dump MySpace anyways, but this is definitely speeding up the process.

  2. Dean, it seems you don’t know what flash is (?). The reason for the upgrade from v8.. aside from Flash 8 being garbage.. is for security of its users, not protection of copyrighted content.
    I highly recommend upgrading to Flash 9, and it’s not “screwing you over” in any way.. You’ll have Flash 9 in a few months either way, since it’s one of those programs that spreads like wildfire since everyone uses them to some degree.

    If you want to steal the music on myspace you can do that nearly as easily with the new player as the old one.
    Personally, I think myspace sucks.

  3. Yeah MySpace is doing what ever it can to restrict flash content on its site; however , they realized they cannot do that without pissing off a lot of users and sending them running to other online communities.

    While on the topic. It is a new site where you can create mp3 playlist by either adding your own songs or using its search engine to play them on your MySpace, frienster, blog, or personal webpage using its stylish flash widgets. They plan to release a new one every month.

  4. Here’s the bummer: using an old Mac G4-400MHz, we can’t even upgrade to Flash 8…

    Can’t see any old slide shows in Flash 7 now– moving on to other tech, I guess…

    Otherwise, we actually still dig MySpace– sorry. (Cavemen).

    Anyways, much aloha.

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