DeWitt leaves A9

DeWitt Clinton changed the way you search through your browser in the past few years. The OpenSearch format powers search in Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 2 and helps you discover new sources of information with easy to aggregate data whether you’re looking for a CPAN library or searching my weblog. DeWitt is stepping down as software development lead for Amazon’s A9 search engine today to pursue new projects.

One new project in the works is the completion of the OpenSearch 1.1 spec and launching a new independent community-oriented home for OpenSearch on the web. I’ve been a beta tester on the new site and the spec is coming together nicely.

I drink coffee by the cup while DeWitt finishes off an entire pot, but it will be good to have DeWitt applying his thoughts to community efforts for at least the next few weeks as we hang out at local cafes. Best of luck DeWitt!