Jason Goldman leaving Google

Jason Goldman, product manager of Google Blog Search and Blogger, is leaving Google at the end of this week. No more commutes from San Francisco, but he’ll instead be on a jet plane traveling the world for a bit before starting somewhere a bit smaller.

I could have taken time off or switched to a different project, but I feel that after I’m finished doing the nothing I’ve got planned, I’m going to want to do something somewhere small. And, to be honest, I can’t really imagine being at Google but not being involved in Blogger.

Jason’s departure comes shortly after a complete rewrite of the Blogger code including dynamic publishing and better integration with Google’s common systems. It’s a good point to depart as it must feel like Pyra Labs has been successfully ported to Google at this point, creating a new generation of the software.

Beach, poker, and museums sounds pretty nice! Have fun Jason.