Movable Type logo 2001

Five years ago today Benjamin Trott and Mena Grabowski Trott released Movable Type 1.0. About 100 copies of the blogging software was downloaded within the first hour of availability, and over 500 people had requested notification of each release.

We’ve never claimed to be the best.

We’ve never presented MOVABLE TYPE as the program that will revolutionize weblogging.

We’re just developing a system with a lot of the features that we’ve heard users are looking for.

Luckily, we’ve received a lot of good word of mouth. People are hoping that MT will be THE program and THE solution.

A brief history

Movable Type launched Six Apart, a company that originally made money through paid custom installs, donations, and commercial licenses. The company later hosted its own version of Movable Type named TypePad, selling monthly subscriptions and licensing the hosted group blogging software to companies around the world. Six Apart bought LiveJournal in January 2005. Six Apart has recently been working on Vox, its first blogging software written from scratch with the resources of a 125-person company.

Happy birthday Movable Type and Six Apart. Five years seems like such a long time looking back before the multiple VC rounds, women baring their breasts in protest outside the office, Christmas parties, and over 100 employees around the world.