Site redesign complete!

The new hotness

I’ve been a bit quiet over the past week while making some changes under the hood of this website. This morning I unveiled a new site design I hope will convey a more professional look and experience for everyone viewing my pages in a web browser.

I wanted to add more visual structure to each post to match what I try to accomplish in my markup. I wanted to help visitors discover new sections of the site and click around a bit to learn more. I also wanted to improve the friendliness of search and commenting.

I worked with Mike Rundle of Business Logs to turn some of these ideas into a visual reality. Mike and I share interests in exposing more quality content created by passionate individuals. We both like to think of the browsing experience across multiple devices from a home media center all the way down to a mobile handset.

I hope you like the new design! I still have a few tweaks and cosmetic finishes to apply but so far I am liking the new hotness.



Commentary on "Site redesign complete!":

  1. om on wrote:

    niall, this looks really really hot. nicely done. mike is a good designer and does an awesome job.

  2. Stephen Pierzchala on wrote:


    Nice. Almost as hot as my updated Newest Industry.


  3. Frank Gruber on wrote:

    Great job with the redesign…it is sizzling it is so hot right now. I like the green too.

  4. Cameron Bulock on wrote:

    Love the look! If I ever learn some visual design, I’d like to do something like this.

  5. Dave on wrote:

    nice job dude!

    (and very recursive-looking post — does it keep doing that if i keep clicking? ;)

  6. Ted Rheingold on wrote:

    Killer entry title, date, and categories design combo. Great color usage and gradients overall. Great font face and color choices. Yet the entry itself still remains the focus even though it’s on a borderless white area so that’s very nice.

    Consider nixing the vertical white space between the posted/comments bar and the beginning of the actual comments.

    Consider moving the adsense ad so it abuts it’s ‘Advertising’ header above. In fact consider nixing the ‘Advertising’ and showing the google block (as it clearly says ‘Ads by Google’). Maybe one day you’ll have your own inventory of image ads and will need the header back, but until then consider removing the ‘Advertising’ header or ‘Ads by Google’ header.

    Also if you can stretch that adsense box to 300w you’ll be displaying their best performing ad option.

    But really, it’s a very clean, fresh and warm design.

  7. Lee Wilkins on wrote:

    Nice redesign Niall…… Like it a lot

  8. Guillaume Champeau on wrote:

    Awsome Niall, I love it. Nice colors and a great header. Thumbs up!

  9. Simone Carletti on wrote:

    WOW Niall, it’s wonderful!
    Mike Rundle has create a great look.

  10. Mike on wrote:

    Wow, great to see all the positive feedback guys :)

    I think it has some small quirks in IE6, but those will be squashed momentarily.

    Ted – You brought up some great points, especially about the vertical spacing, I’ll jump into the CSS and see what I can do.

  11. Tom Bridge on wrote:

    Very nice work, Niall!

  12. Anil Dash on wrote:

    Nice! Looks like a million bucks — I might use the standard feed icon next to your subscribe link, but the rest is really clean and nice.

  13. Cris Pearson on wrote:

    Very nice guys!

  14. Kyle Bunch on wrote:

    I knew it looked Rundlesque. At a time when everyone seems to be using rounded edges and fade outs, Mike still manages to take those elements and make them thoroughly his own.

    Great job guys. This rockets right up to upper eschelons of the hottest-looking MT sites, for sure.

  15. Brian Breslin on wrote:

    very nice design, BIG improvement. good work to everyone involved.

  16. Paul Stamatiou on wrote:

    Another Rundle masterpiece!