Apple Store San Francisco

Apple’s new flagship San Francisco store opens tomorrow morning at 10 A.M. Since May 2001 Apple has opened a new store every 13 days. An average of 1000 people visit each Apple retail store daily. Over 50% of purchases are from first time Mac buyers. Employees are trained for 3 to 7 weeks before they come to an Apple store. Apple had 1,352 applicants for the San Francisco store, and hired 70. 35 of these employees are trained in Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and similar software. 20% of the people who come into an Apple store visit the Genius Bar. Wired News has a story about the 200 “lucky bags” available for $250 Saturday morning. OSX FAQ has some pictures inside the store as well as the full audio from yesterday’s press conference. The line outside the store started at 9 P.M. last night. I will try to visit the store sometime this weekend, most likely on Saturday when it is hopefully not as crowded.