Buzznet presentation at Mobile Monday

Marc Brown and Jeff Clavier

Jeff Clavier and Marc Brown of Buzznet were the third Mobile Monday presenters. Buzznet is a photo sharing service and platform based on a LAMP architecture. Buzznet showed off some of their different methods of making money as well as their new mobile application.

Buzznet currently sells cobranded sections of their site for organizations interested in community photography features without building their own solution from scratch. Buzznet will soon offer a deployed version of their software integrated into the larger Buzznet community for companies interested in more control over their photo community solution.

The coolest cobrand the team demonstrated was the Ventura County Star community photo blog. The photo blog accepts photo contributions from Ventura County residents and sometimes includes the photographs in the county newspaper. Creating a community photo site allows the Star to interface with its community and acquire photographs from locations and events without a staff photographer on duty, allowing a breadth of coverage and the ability to obtain photographs of breaking news stories such as a train wreck or fire.

Buzznet partnered with BellStream of Finland to extend the Blogia application and brand it as a Buzznet mobile application for Nokia Series 60.

Buzznet’s entire presentation and question and answer period lasted 24 minutes and 48 seconds. The audio is available as a 11.7 megabyte MP3 file.